Remote Record with NVIDIA DualTV

Updated 02/19/2015 10:26 AM

How do I setup remote record with Windows Media Center and NVIDIA DualTV?

In order to schedule TV programs to be recorded from any Media Center PC with an Internet connection, you must first download and install the Microsoft Remote Record service on your Media Center PC.  Please see below for information.

Install MSN Remote Record

MSN Remote Record can be installed from Online Spotlight in Media Center Edition 2005 or from the MSN TV Web site.

To install from Online Spotlight in Media Center Edition 2005


Press the START button on the remote.


Navigate to Online Spotlight, select Downloads, and press OK.


Select MSN Remote Record, press OK, and follow the directions on the screen.

To install from the MSN TV Web site


Open Internet Explorer and navigate to MSN TV on your Media Center PC.


Enter your zip code in the Zip box, as shown in Figure 1, and then click Go. (MSN TV will list the TV shows currently available on major networks during prime time, but without your zip code it can not display information relevant to your local cable network.)

MSN TV front page

Figure 1: MSN TV front page.


Select an antenna, cable, or satellite service and click Continue. MSN TV will list all of the available service providers in your area.


Click your service provider such as Comcast or Adelphia. MSN TV will show all of the TV shows (HDTV is currently not supported) available from your service provider's channel lineup.


Click Remote Record Settings on the left side of the MSN TV page to begin the MSN Remote Record installation process. If you're not signed in with your .NET Passport, MSN TV will ask you to sign in.


Follow the prompts that appear in the MSN Remote Record Service window. You'll need to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement, install the MSN Remote Record Software, and confirm some other information like your service provider and zip code.

Record a Show or Schedule a Series to Record

To record a TV show, just browse to MSN TV and sign in with your .NET Passport. MSN TV shows all the available TV shows from your Media Center PC. Click the show that you want to record. MSN TV displays the Program Details window with additional information such as the Title, Channel, Air Time, Category, and TV Rating of the show, as shown in Figure 2.

MSN Remote Record program details

Figure 2: MSN Remote Record program details.

It even tells you when the show repeats in the future. At the bottom of the Program Details window you can click Record This Show, or Record Series, as shown in Figure 3. Record Show and Record Series has the exact same affect as the equivalent options in Media Center.

Record Show or Record Series option

Figure 3: Record Show or Record Series option.

Update MSN Remote Record, Add Additional Users, and View Scheduled Recordings

Occasionally MSN will make available updates to MSN Remote Record to provide the best service possible. When this happens you'll see a message in the notification area asking you to update MSN Remote Record. Or you can do this by selecting the MSN Remote Record Update Center Start menu link.

Only the Passport you used during the sign-up process can be used to schedule TV recordings using MSN Remote Record. To let other people record TV shows on your Media Center PC, just point to MSN Remote Record, and then click Add Remote Record User. To add additional users to the MSN Remote Record service, the new user must:


Sign in with the Passport they wish to add.


Go to the Start Menu.


Select MSN Remote Record Service.


Select Add User.


Follow the steps to complete the registration process.

By visiting MSN TV you can view all active or pending MSN Remote Record scheduled recordings. You can also view recordings that have happened in the past or click the shows you have scheduled to display Program Details.

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