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  1. How can I reduce lag or improve streaming quality when using GeForce NOW? GeForce NOW games are running from the cloud, which means they are running on a server in a data center, not directly from your SHIELD. If you experience a reduction in streaming quality or lag, you... Date Updated: 05/17/2017
  2. How do I cancel my GeForce NOW membership?   To cancel your membership: On SHIELD Android TV, Select the NVIDIA Games app -> Scroll down to Settings -> Billing. On SHIELD Tablet, go to SHIELD Hub -> GeForce... Date Updated: 05/16/2017
  3. How to Enable In-Game Language Geforce NOW Date Updated: 11/03/2016
  4. Where do I redeem my PC download key for a game I purchased from the GeForce NOW store? Some store purchases also include a digital download key for your PC, which will be indicated at checkout. The digital download key will be included in the order confirmation email. Please visit the... Date Updated: 10/01/2015
  5. List of expired Membership games on GEFORCE NOW Membership games moved to the Store Jan 27, 2016 LEGO Hobbit Jan 27, 2016 LEGO The Lord of the Rings Jan 27, 2016 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Expired Membership games Dec 20, 2016 Toybox Turbos Nov 18... Date Updated: 02/22/2017
  6. My GeForce NOW Service Location Appears Incorrect In most cases, the IP addresses used by your ISP's domain name servers are automatically set by your ISP via the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). To use another DNS server (Google Public... Date Updated: 02/02/2017
  7. I’m experiencing a lot of audio crackling, audio cutoff, or video stuttering. Please make sure you meet the network requirements to run GeForce NOW: "     NVIDIA SHIELD portable, tablet, or Android TV with the latest software update... Date Updated: 01/23/2017
  8. DO YOU HAVE A LIST OF SUPPORTED NETWORK ADAPTERS FOR GEFORCE NOW? Updated The following is a list of network adapters tested by NVIDIA to work with GeForce NOW. •     USB Type 2.0/3.0            ... Date Updated: 06/21/2017
  9. In which countries is the GeForce NOW store available? At launch the GeForce NOW store is officially available in the United States, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, and Norway.  You can become a GeForce NOW member and... Date Updated: 10/01/2015
  10. If I cancel my GeForce NOW membership, what happens to my game saves and purchased titles? We will keep a record of your game saves and any games you purchased from the store for up to five years. If you renew your membership during that time, your game saves and purchased games will be... Date Updated: 10/01/2015
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