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  1. WHEN IS THE GEFORCE NOW FOR MAC BETA OVER? We will keep the beta open open for as long as we need to prepare for commercial release, which will be announced at a later date. Date Updated: 06/14/2017
  2. HOW MUCH DOES GEFORCE NOW FOR MAC COST? GeForce NOW for Mac is free during the beta. Pricing for the commercial release will be announced at a later date. Date Updated: 06/14/2017
  3. When playing a game on GeForce NOW, the game quits and I see the error message 0x80040010, 0x80040007, or 0x80040004. How do I fix this? Updated These error messages indicate a network error preventing communication between your device and our servers at this time. If you are using W-ifi, we recommend switching to a wired Ethernet connection... Date Updated: 01/09/2018
  4. CAN I USE A GAMEPAD WITH GEFORCE NOW FOR MAC? We support some gamepads at this time. Please view our system requirements for a complete list of supported peripherals. Date Updated: 06/14/2017
  5. WHEN I TRY TO LAUNCH A GAME ON GEFORCE NOW FOR MAC, I GET AN ERROR MESSAGE WITH CODE 0x800B0016. HOW CAN I FIX THAT? If you try to launch a game and see error code 0x800B0016, it could be because GeForce NOW could not set User Datagram Protocol (UDP) socket buffer size. This knowledge base article will: Confirm... Date Updated: 08/17/2017
  6. Error Message 0x8008201c If you are consistently seeing the error message 0x8008201c when attempting to launch games, a firewall may be preventing a connection to our game streaming servers. Please contact your internet... Date Updated: 10/18/2017
  7. HOW IS GEFORCE NOW FOR SHIELD DIFFERENT THAN GEFORCE NOW FOR MAC? GeForce NOW for SHIELD provides a Netflix-style game-streaming experience. Members get instant, and unlimited, access to a library of popular PC games. Premium titles can also be purchased in the... Date Updated: 06/14/2017
  8. WHAT GAMES ARE AVAILABLE DURING THE GEFORCE NOW FOR MAC BETA? GeForce NOW for Mac currently supports more than 30 popular games from the Steam and Blizzard digital stores. More games will be added regularly. Launch the app to see the latest list of supported... Date Updated: 06/14/2017
  9. WILL GEFORCE NOW WORK WITH MY MAC? GeForce NOW has been designed to work on most Macs with macOS 10.10 or higher.  We have tested a variety of Macs running 10.10  that work great with GeForce NOW,  which are listed on... Date Updated: 06/14/2017
  10. WHERE IS THE GEFORCE NOW FOR MAC SERVICE AVAILABLE? The GeForce NOW for Mac beta is only available in the continental United States and Canada. Visit the server status website for a list of  available servers and their current status. Date Updated: 06/14/2017
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