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  1. How Often to Update Graphics Card Display Drivers The general rule of thumb for graphic card display drivers is "if it ain't broken, don't fix it".  When NVIDIA releases a new product, over time software developers learn... Date Updated: 01/26/2017
  2. How Do I Enable Netflix 4K HDR on SHIELD TV Requirements: 1)     A 4K HDR TV with at least one HDMI port that supports HDCP 2.2. 2)     A Netflix plan that supports streaming in Ultra HD... Date Updated: 01/26/2017
  3. GeForce Hot Fix driver version 376.48   This is GeForce Hot Fix driver version 376.48 that addresses the following:          Workaround to fix incorrect Folding@home work units... Date Updated: 12/21/2016
  4. ShadowPlay install failure due to DirectX   The ShadowPlay feature requires Microsoft DirectX. When installing ShadowPlay, NVIDIA GeForce Experience will also install any required DirectX files. However, if the... Date Updated: 09/15/2016
  5. Why does GeForce Experience say my game can't be optimized? 1. Be sure you have the latest patch installed. All optimal settings are designed to run on the latest version of the game. 2. If you've just installed the game, run it once before using GeForce... Date Updated: 12/06/2012
  6. GeForce Experience crashes when launched or GeForce Share can't be used on my computer running Windows 7/8/10 N version GeForce Exprience with Share requires the Microsoft Media Pack.  In certain countries, computers may come with Windows N version which does not include the Microsoft Media... Date Updated: 09/09/2016
  7. GeForce Hot Fix driver version 375.95   This is GeForce Hot Fix driver version 375.95 that addresses the following:    -        Low memory clocks on certain factory-overclocked... Date Updated: 11/17/2016
  8. Disabling NVIDIA Physx GPU acceleration To disable NVIDIA Physx GPU acceleration: 1) Right-click over your Windows Desktop and select "NVIDIA Control Panel" from the context menu 2) From the NVIDIA Control Panel, select "Set Physx... Date Updated: 07/12/2010
  9. How can I transfer data between SHIELD Tablet and PC? The easiest way to transfer data is via a USB connection between your PC and SHIELD Tablet using the Micro-USB <-> Standard USB cable included with your tablet. You can also sync over your WiFi... Date Updated: 09/15/2016
  10. How Do I Use the Android TV Remote Control App With SHIELD TV You need an Android phone or tablet running Android 4.3 or higher to use the Android TV Remote Control app. You can control your SHIELD TV through your phone or tablet with the Android TV Remote... Date Updated: 02/03/2017
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