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  1. Remote GameStream router port forwarding Updated
    Please refer to the GameStream ready routers listed on this page GameStream Routers . The following ports should be forwarded for all routers for remote GameStream, this list applies for...
    Date Updated: 09/24/2014
  2. SHIELD and KitKat
    Beginning with KitKat, Google has changed the way third party applications can interact with external storage, such as an SD card.  This may affect Apps that were installed on SHIELD prior to...
    Date Updated: 03/26/2014
  3. Router Port Forwarding Tool
    - Open up a command prompt, Win 7 - Type "CMD" In the search field in the START Menu, Win8 - Windows Key +X - Download the pftest file linked below, save to a easy to find directory - In the...
    Date Updated: 04/09/2014
  4. How to reset SHIELD back to factory settings after being locked out.
    1) Switch your device off (long press the power button and select Power off). 2) Press and hold the Back and Home buttons (these are the two buttons that lie under the NVIDIA-logo Power button...
    Date Updated: 02/25/2014
  5. CVE-2014-0224: OpenSSL SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability
    Vulnerability Description: The OpenSSL library included in the GameStream components of GeForce Experience prior to 2.1.1 and SHIELD Hub prior to 3.2.18713345 are subject to the recently disclosed...
    Date Updated: 09/09/2014
  6. SHIELD Remote Desktop
    - Pair your SHIELD with your PC you want to remote into. - Add the Windows Remote Desktop app to GeForce Experience -Click on the plus sign on the right to add a game, and add the Window’s Remote...
    Date Updated: 04/09/2014
  7. Poor latency using Miracast
    Miracast is a peer-to-peer wireless connection to your HDTV.  You can use a third party dongle or some newer HDTV's have built-in support.  SHIELD has Miracast support built-in. This...
    Date Updated: 08/09/2013
  8. What is Miracast?
    Miracast is a peer-to-peer wireless screencast standard created by the Wi-Fi Alliance.   It allows two devices (say a tablet and a television) to communicate directly to each other using Wi-Fi...
    Date Updated: 08/08/2013
  9. GRID network test detected a “Poor network” or “Network error”.
    This generally happens because of poor networking. Please make sure you meet the network requirements to run GRID. Live in the Northern California, USA with a 40 ms or less ping time to the GRID data...
    Date Updated: 03/12/2014
  10. Adding a PC manually in SHIELD for GameStream
    The GAMESTREAM menu also allows you to manually add a PC using the specific IP address of that particular PC. This can be an address on your local network (LAN) or an external IP (WAN) address. On...
    Date Updated: 04/03/2014