On GRID VCA, VMs boot, but go into failed state (as observed from the Operator Console)

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Published 06/21/2013 01:36 PM
Updated 07/01/2013 10:01 AM
On GRID VCA, VMs boot, but go into failed state (as observed from the Operator Console)
•     Check VM console to see if VMs are going into repair mode. If so, go into Maintenance mode, and get template VM to a good state.
•     Try to VNC into VM and see if everything looks OK:
       o     On OSL, use /usr/local/asgard/services/Gridpro-Utils/ToggleVnc.py ON  
       o     Access seat via VNC: <OSL IP>:<30000 + game seat IP> (e.g.
       o     Make sure GameAgent is running. If not running, try running by hand.
•     Check the networking information for the VM (either from XenCenter, or ‘ipconfig’ from within the VM).  If the IP addresses do not have 10.0.0.XX addresses, possibilities include:
•     Networking changed from ‘Network 1’ to ‘Network 0’ in XenCenter.  Make sure both adapters use ‘Network 1’
•     Network cable connected to port other than eth0 on the system.  Should be connected to ‘LAN1’ for POC systems, and to the top port of the 10 GbE card on production systems.
•     Make sure firewall is still disabled from within the VM.  Some application installers (e.g. Adobe Creative Cloud enable the firewall).
•     Check disk partitions are not full on Domain0 and the OSL. (use ‘df’ command at the console)

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