What does the new mode in the control panel option in Release 270 and higher drivers “Select when to display 3D mode” do?

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Published 04/08/2011 04:32 PM
Updated 04/08/2011 04:35 PM

What does the new mode in the control panel option in Release 270 and higher drivers "Select when to display 3D mode" do?

Release 270 gives users the option to control how 3D Vision handles fullscreen and window mode support. The following options are available to consumers to "Select when the display is in 3D mode:"

  • Always. In this mode the driver always operates in 3D Vision mode. This mode causes the monitor brightness to be set at 100% in a 3D ready state. Users can launch any type of 3D application - fullscreen or windows - and instantly see 3D without any noticeable difference on their display.
  • Only while 3D programs run. (This is the driver default value) In this mode the driver will initialize 3D Vision support when a supported application is launched. Monitor brightness will not be locked to 100% when you are running 2D applications. When you start a 3D application you may notice a small mode set or screen flicker, especially when using 3D Vision window mode applications.
  • Only while full-screen 3D programs run. In this mode the driver only allows fullscreen applications to work. Applications like 3DVisionLive.com, windowed games, and Google Earth will not appear in 3D.

When you switch between these modes in NVIDIA Control Panel the monitor brightness will not be set to 100%. The changes take into effect on launching the first 3D application or game after the mode change.

NOTE: In the modes "Always" and "Only while 3D programs are run" mode the 3D Vision emitter will be glowing green faint green until an application or game is launched. When an application is launched, the emitter will glow bright green until the user exists the application.

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