NVIDIA nForce/Geforce HDMI audio motherboard troubleshooting

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Updated 06/16/2010 03:46 PM
NVIDIA nForce/Geforce HDMI audio motherboard troubleshooting

This article applies only to PC motherboards featuring an NVIDIA motherboard GPU (mGPU) with HDMI connector (i.e. Geforce 8200, Geforce 8300, Geforce 9400, etc.).  This includes notebook's with an NVIDA mGPU with HDMI. 

If you are encountering audio detection issues when you connect your PC via HDMI to an HDTV or audio receiver, please update the HDMI audio codec to the latest version from the link below according to the operating system you are using:

For Windows 7/Windows Vista
HDMI Audio

For Windows XP:
HDMI Audio

If you are using Microsoft Windows XP, you may also need to install the Microsoft High Definition Bus Driver.  You may download this from the URL below:

Microsoft High Definition Bus Driver for Windows XP

If the Windows sound properties does not detect your HDMI audio device or shows as not connected, please download the Microsoft hotfix KB888111 which address this issue.  This hotfix applies to Windows Vista 32-bit only:


Should problems persist, check the HDMI cable.  NVIDIA recommends cable length no greater than 16ft.  Some older audio receivers may require firmware update for better HDMI compatibility.  If you are using an HDMI switch, it is possible that the PC is not negotiating a proper handshake with your display device.  Please connect your PC directly to your display device if possible.  If your display has multiple audio inputs for an HDMI source, you may need to force digital audio on your display to allow the PC to properly detect the audio capabilities of your display.

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