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  1. Driver will not download, unable to connect to NVIDIA server. If you are running GeForce Experience client version below 2.5.x.x then please manually update/install GeForce Experience client to the latest version. You can download the latest GeForce Experience... Date Updated: 08/17/2016
  2. Help Me Choose a Graphics Card Click on this link to launch the NVIDIA Help Me Choose web page. Help Me Choose Date Updated: 03/27/2015
  3. Which NVIDIA GPUs are supported in Windows 10? GPUs based on Maxwell, Kepler, Fermi, and Tesla architectures are supported in Windows 10.  The GPUs listed below support Windows 10 at launch: Maxwell and Kepler GeForce GPUs: NVIDIA... Date Updated: 08/01/2015
  4. Windows 10 is not able to be installed due to my GeForce 6150 nForce 430 hardware With the new requirements for Windows 10, the GeForce 6150 nForce 430 is not compatible and will not have drivers to support the hardware for use with Windows 10. Please see this article for... Date Updated: 08/01/2015
  5. OpenGL message “lost connection” I have seen this Event Log Message: The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver due to exceeding the Windows Time-Out limit and is unable to continue. The application must close... Date Updated: 02/06/2012
  6. OpenGL message “TDR detected” What does it mean? If you received this message from an application (on a pop up message or in the Event Log), the application was unable to continue rendering because the Microsoft Windows imposed... Date Updated: 02/20/2015
  7. OpenGL message “Request for more GPU memory than is available" I have seen this Event Log Message: An application has requested more GPU memory than is available in the system. That application will now be closed . What does it mean? The most common cause for... Date Updated: 07/25/2014
  8. What is the difference between DVI-I and DVI-D? Most current NVIDIA based graphics cards feature a Digital Video Interface (DVI) connector for connecting a digital flat panel LCD monitor or projector to the card.  A DVI connector is... Date Updated: 12/16/2015
  9. OpenGL message “too many errors” I have seen this Event Log Message: Too many errors occurred indicating a serious problem from which the driver cannot recover. The application must close. What does it mean? If you received this... Date Updated: 09/07/2011
  10. How do I identify the graphics card model and device ID in my PC? Updated If your PC features an NVIDIA based graphics card and is using an NVIDIA display drive, you may indentify the model of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) in your graphics card by accessing the... Date Updated: 09/07/2016
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